Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the Helicopter can't fly?

In cases where the helicopter cannot fly due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failure. A full refund for the cost of the helicopter flight only will be provided. In this frustrating case, Airpowder can quickly arrange alternative lift assisted off-piste skiing in the area or if you wish, you can try another of our additional services.

How do I know if I am good enough?

You should be a strong skier with a good level of fitness. You can ski red and black runs in all conditions with complete confidence. You can ski controlled turns in a variety of off-piste conditions.

What if I don't like Heli-ski?

In this unlikely scenario, we can offer a partial refund and you are free to ski the local resorts.

What if I have an accident in a remote area?

You will have rescue insurance included in your heliski package so AirGlacier will provide a heli evacuation. Then it will be down to you having adequate insurances to take care of any further actions required.

Can I Heli-board?

Of course! Whilst it is called heli-skiing it is open to snowboarders too.

When should I book?

Heliski is a very popular hobby and as such the helicopter operators are very busy. To ensure complete satisfaction, booking as early as possible is recommended, as there are only a limited number of weekends available during the ski season.